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We run our workshops in two ways: as three-hour face-to-face workshops for up to 12 participants, or as one-week online workshops run on Slack or Yammer.

Three-hour face-to-face workshops

Our workshops are a mix of everything we know to work well:

  • expertise delivered by real people with real answers and hard-earned knowledge;
  • sections of participation – doing is far more effective than passive listening in the form of a lecture;
  • peer-to-peer learning, because everyone brings their own experience, understanding and perspective;
  • flexibility, because the content needs to move in the direction the workshop participants need.

Activities are ideal for letting an idea take firm root, and the majority of our workshops are given over to this. Trying out what has just been relayed is the best way to see if it has been fully understood and doing this in a workshop setting with your colleagues is remarkably effective. We try to restrict chalk and talk to a minimum – and aim to ensure no more than 20% of our workshops is devoted to this.

We consult with you to add as much personalisation and real-work detail to our framework of key points listed on each module page. Workshops are designed for up to 12 participants, however we can arrange for these to be run for higher numbers if required.

All workshop materials are included in the price, as is pre- and post-workshop administration and consultancy. Trainer’s travel and subsistence (within the UK) is also included in the above price, not added separately. VAT is charged at standard UK rate if applicable. The practical nature of the workshops mean that usually it’s preferable that they take place at your offices, but if that’s not possible we can suggest alternative venues (at extra cost).

One-week online workshops

Our modules are also available as one-week online workshops, hosted on the collaboration platforms Slack and Yammer.

As with our face-to-face workshops, these workshops feature a mix of discussion and task-based activity to get participants thinking about new ways of working. We use video to introduce concepts and tasks, and encourage as much participation as possible – through a format of completing short tasks and inviting peers to comment and review.

We tend to release a video at the start of each day, which outlines key concepts and relevant tasks. Participants are then invited to submit their thoughts and reactions as comments or short posts, which other participants can then react to. These discussions form the basis of each workshop – as each group applies the module content to their working context.

These discussions build over the week as participants have time to reflect and think about the content. We also incorporate several ‘live’ video or text-based discussion sessions.

We set up a Slack team or Yammer group to host your workshop and manage invites.

This online element also works well alongside a face-to face workshop, as it allows more time for reflection and sharing in more detail, with the opportunity to add articles and videos on key issues.


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Get in touch to arrange a phone call or face-to-face meeting to find out more. Or, if you'd like to see us in action by attending a trial workshop or setting one up inside your organisation, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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