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Learn to Think Different with us

How do you ensure your ideas are as original as possible? This course, which includes over 30 short videos, looks at what it means to think different - to have original, groundbreaking ideas - and adopt the right mindset and toolkit to do it yourself.

The Psychology of Praise

Positive psychology is the scientific study of wellbeing, resilience and thriving. Insights from positive psychology help us understand a bit deeper how important praise is, so let's look at five ways we can cultivate cultures of positivity through some purposeful acts.

How your brain distorts reality

As Christian Jarrett explains in his book Great Myths of the Brain, so much goes on in the world around us that our brains, if they tried to process everything, would be paralyzed by data overload. Our brains, in an effort to combat this, employ selective attention by screening out various kinds of sensory information...

Pattern Recognition: what it is and how to develop it

Pattern recognition is a process in which we use multiple senses in order to make decisions. As we go through our day, our brain’s pattern recognition abilities help us recognise certain objects and situations. Without these abilities, it would be impossible to make progress, as we’d be living in a kind of Groundhog Day...

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