How we run our workshops

The best way to help people be creative is to teach them the methods of creative thinking. It’s not enough to just tell people you want them to be more creative. After all, if you want someone to learn French, you don’t just tell them you want them to speak French, and that’s that. You’d send them to language classes.

Sir Ken Robinson

The ultimate aim of our workshops is to help people learn how to think and work more creatively. Our role is to facilitate active learning and ensure that you leave with new ways of applying creativity in your own context.

Our workshops enable people to learn new things in a safe, stimulating environment. There is lots of discussion, trying new techniques, collaborating with others – all with a focus on helping participants understand how to practically apply what they have learned.

Talk less, do more

Our workshops are not seminars in disguise. As much as 80% of the time is devoted to individual and group activities, challenges and discussions – so participants can learn through discovery – by doing, experimenting, sharing views and forming opinions.

Time to learn

Workshops differ in duration according to content and scope. Often a full day is most suitable to allow participants to fully acquaint themselves with new concepts and spend time discussing, experimenting and reflecting to help them make sense of and embed what they have learned.

Other concepts can be covered in three hours or less – in fact some of our best-received workshops have been just two hours in duration. We can achieve a lot with a dedicated, focused group that is eager to learn.

Applying it afterwards

We are really keen on this bit. We help you to relate concepts and content to specific projects, activities and situations you will encounter in your work roles. We invite you to consider what you would do differently following the workshop, and how it would affect your role, your colleagues and your organisation.

Wherever possible, we personally follow up with participants after a workshop to reinforce the application of what has been learned. Our alumni network and supportive online community provide further opportunities for you to build professional connections and discuss how to work more creatively.

We also offer a series of short online courses. These enable you to revisit the topics covered in our workshops, and are also a valuable way to explore new ways of applying creativity.

Having a laugh

We take our workshops very seriously but there is often a lot of laughter – humour generates lots of energy and helps groups bond and share their thoughts and experiences. Humour is also highly beneficial for provoking creativity.

Supplies and props

We come armed with reams of post-it notes, Sharpies, worksheets and props – including a rubber brick and ping-pong balls! – to help stimulate creative juices and problem solving powers.

Set up a meeting or arrange a trial

learnedGet in touch to arrange a phone call or face-to-face meeting to find out more. Or, if you’d like to see us in action by attending a trial workshop or setting one up inside your organisation, we’d be happy to hear from you.