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There are six lessons in this course:

- How Brainstorms Started
- Common Brainstorming Problems
- The Role of the Moderator
- Creative Thinking Techniques
- Evaluating Ideas
- Next Steps

Each lesson has a video, a collection of useful resources and a quiz. By the end of this course, we expect you to have a full understanding of how to run an effective brainstorming session within your organisation.

We estimate it should take you between 1 and 2 hours to complete this course.

All content is based on our website, therefore you can follow it whenever (and wherever) you like!

How our online courses work

Creative Huddle online courses are broken down into lessons. Each course can have any number of lessons, depending on the complexity of the course subject. Most lessons feature the following:

- Short introduction
- Video explaining key concepts
- Video transcript
- Resources & further information
- Multiple-choice quiz

Lessons may also include suggested tasks to try out for yourself.

In addition, you can discuss relevant points with others in our forums, and we will be hosting regular forum Q&A sessions and Google Hangouts for those who want more in-depth involvement.

Lessons and Quizzes

You must pass each lesson’s quiz with a 100% mark before you can progress to the next lesson.

Lessons must be followed in order – you must complete the lesson before moving on to the next one. Once complete, you can revisit lessons as many times as you wish.

When do your online courses run?

There are no set dates for our online courses, they run whenever you want them to! All content is based on our website, therefore you can follow it when (and where) you like!


  1. :

    Better Brainstorms was an interesting course that broke down the important stages of this popular technique into memorable chunks. The short video clips were easy to follow and remained interesting and relevant throughout.

    The resources to support the video clips were excellent and I’m pleased I’m able to go back and access them again when needed. I left a comment in an evaluation survey that said the quizzes to check learning were often only just one question which I felt didn’t test understanding very well, but I was contacted soon afterwards by the Managing Director of Creative Huddle who informed me they are already working on improving the quizzes. This in itself proves that the company clearly cares about what users think and go the extra mile to keep us up to date.

    The course was an ideal way to explore Creative Huddle for the first time to get an idea of what else might be available. I would definitely recommend this course.

  2. :

    This course not only helped me to figure out many spontaneous mistakes we do regularly in our brainstorming sessions, but it also provided me with an arsenal of new tactics that will help me moderate a more successful brainstorming session.

    I would totally recommend this course for anyone trying to foster creativity in his career path

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Better Brainstorms

£20 Free!

Most of us will have participated in a brainstorm at some point in our career. Some find them essential and stimulating, others have found them to be pretty turgid and demotivating.

This online course takes you through brainstorming’s history, rules and common problems and looks at how to get the most out of a group idea generation session. This six part course is made up of videos, quizzes and highly useful resources. You can power through in less than an hour, or save your progress and come back later.

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