Press Go


An action-focused online workshop and coaching programme to help you get your act together and start something big.

Includes access to our Win the Week Toolkit.


Do something important.

Itching to start something big? Ambitious for better results? Let's focus on what matters. Your big idea is worthless until you do something with it. Maybe it's a groundbreaking new product or service, or maybe you need to make a significant change in the way you work. Whatever it is, we can help you make it a reality.

Set the right goals.

Thinking big doesn’t mean being unrealistic. Ambition is good. By weighing up your desires and getting clear on your priorities, you can choose and define a goal that will set your heart racing.

Make foolproof plans.

Goals can be achieved much faster than you might think. Imagine reaching your one-year target in less than six months? Or your launch plan with half the budget? With the right plan, it's possible


Act like you want it.

Fear of failure is natural, especially if you’ve been there before – but you can learn from it, too. We'll help you establish a strong mindset of growth and maintain a bias towards action.

Let's make it happen.

We can do this together. Mix your brilliant idea and burning ambition with our experience, guidance and encouragement - that's a recipe for success. Through sound planning and focused activity, you can make remarkable progress in a short period of time.


A week of intense focus.

In just five days, we'll guide you through a process to get your project off to the best possible start. Focus on high-priority, high-value tasks and you'll generate crucial momentum.

Tools and resources.

You can save valuable time by using our proven tools to make the best possible plans and get the most important things done. We'll help you solve the tricky problems that have held you back and create strategies for capitalising on your biggest opportunities.

Guidance and support.

Even with a seemingly distraction-proof plan in place, self-discipline can be tough to maintain. You need someone in your corner. Someone to hold you to account, support you through your struggles and stay motivated to achieve the best results.

Here's how it works.

Over the course of five days, we'll guide and support you intensively. You'll get daily access to a coach, and we'll check in with you regularly to make sure you're getting the results you need. Our tools and approaches have been developed, tested and proven during our work with clients including American Express, HarperCollins, Getty Images and Procter & Gamble.

Tailored to your project or goal.

Prior to your Press Go week, we'll ask you to give us comprehensive details of your project or goal. This will ensure that during the week itself you receive the most relevant support and resources. We'll also provide guidance on how best to plan for the week so you receive the most benefit.

Resources and action plans.

Depending on your goal and progress, we'll send you relevant templates, execution plans, checklists, case studies of successful approaches, videos, transcripts, downloads, assessments - everything we know to be most effective in improving performance and achieving complex, ambitious goals. These valuable resources, coupled with our guidance in using them, will get you to your goals, faster.

A focus on daily progress.

You'll receive an email first thing each day, asking you to name your top priorities. Another email at the end of the day invites you to reflect on your performance. This constant process of prioritisation and reflection ensures you work effectively, on just the right things. Your coach reviews each email and offers guidance and feedback when it's most relevant and beneficial.

Unlimited email support.

In addition to our daily progress emails, you can email us as often as you like about your goal or performance. We'll answer any questions you have, offer feedback or a sounding board when it's most helpful, and provide advice and direction whenever we can. Draw on our deep experience with goal-getting to help you reach your targets as quickly and effectively as possible.

Press Go


An action-focused online workshop and coaching programme to help you get your act together and start something big.

Includes access to our Win the Week Toolkit.



"[My coach] was a very positive soundboard, while also articulating precisely what I've been subconsciously resisting - the planning phase of launching a new business venture. I now realise a key weaknesses I've had is properly planning so that I can lay out my goals effectively. I now know where my priorities are at this very moment."

Taylor Winchester

"[My coach] cut through my blather and asked me a great set of probing questions about my current and longer term creative visions for my business. Funny how even though I think of myself as a visionary... it took coaching to see I haven't been playing a big enough game. Inspired me to set aside time in the coming months to plan instead of 'working' in the business."

Anna Sexton

Founder, Open to Create

"It helped me to realise that what I am feeling in my business is normal. It also helped me to understand the importance of creating a better strategy and one which I should take as much time creating as my actual product."

Lisa Eldrige


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