Our online learning programme is almost ready…

Soon, you’ll be able to subscribe to premium, paid learning content on Creative Huddle – including high quality online courses, videos, guides, templates and more. Here’s a few tasters of what you can expect (click on each image to zoom in):



Choose from our extensive library of courses, all focused on innovative approaches to business


Our unique, entertaining video content helps you quickly understand complex theories and ideas


Our detailed – yet easy to follow – written content adds context and deeper information on topics



Use your personal playlist to keep track of your progress and save other interesting content to view later


Keep notes as you progress through a course, then review them later. You can choose to share notes with others, or keep them private.


Create teams (we call them Huddles) of friends and colleagues so you can learn and collaborate together. Huddles can be public or private.


Our online programme is still in development – but is almost ready, so if you’d like to become one of our first beta testers, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.