One-hour workshops

We offer a number of one-hour workshops for a quick burst of creative thinking. We’ll come to you – depending on your space, we can run these workshops for 5 to 50 people.

If you like, you can run them as a:

Breakfast briefing

Lunch 'n' learn

Pre-meeting energiser

After-work drinks

Topics include:


In today’s fast-paced business environment the temptation is to move too quickly to idea generation before taking time to properly consider the brief or problem. This leads to shallow thinking and uninspiring ideas. We’ll run through Beginner’s Mind and Question the Brief, two questioning techniques to help you take a fresh approach.

Learning from failure

More often than not, creative breakthroughs begin with multiple failures. By analysing and understanding these failures we can solve tricky problems and uncover valuable insights. We’ll cover concepts including cognitive dissonance, closed loops, confirmation bias, and look at case studies from Pixar, Team Sky, Dyson & Formula One.

Thinking inside the box

The panacea for creativity is often thought to be unconstrained thinking – no boundaries, no rules, blue skies. And unconstrained resources would be nice too, like more money, more staff, more time. But the truth is, we’d be lost without constraints – think about TED talks (18 minutes long), or Twitter (140 characters). It’s best to embrace constraints.

Making ideas happen

The idea is the easy part. Making it happen is much more difficult and complex. Interruptions, blockages, bad time management and team inefficiency can cause creativity to be pushed to the margins. Unexpected problems and complications can derail all but the most resilient of creatives. We’ll look at what it means to achieve great execution and delivery of ideas.

Let us know if you’d like us to come along and inspire you and your team for an hour!

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