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Dealing with ambiguity

Tuesday 28th March, 1pm GMT

More than ever businesses find themselves dealing with ambiguity – they encounter situations of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (commonly referred to as VUCA). As a result we can become unsure of our actions, anxious about decisions and require support to maintain resilience. Often this level of uncertainty causes people and businesses to freeze. What does an organisation need to do to remain resilient and proactive at a time when so much will be uncertain?


How to think about the future

Tuesday 4th April, 1pm GMT

Looking into the near future causes us to lift our heads from the immediate activities and project we’re working on, and the short deadlines we’re working to. We might have a good idea that something is highly likely to happen, but because it’s not a priority yet, we don’t act. But what if we did start preparing now? What if we did come up with ideas to take advantage? Wouldn’t that put us in a better position?