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3 tips to managing your time wisely

Managing Yourself

Let’s be honest. Time management can be really difficult, even for the most organized person.

Tons of people out there are struggling to fit in time for lunch or basic needs because their calendars are so packed with appointments, meetings, and agenda.

If you’re one of these people, don’t worry. We put together a guide with three major tips to improve your time management. Managing your time wisely has never been easier.

Check out this useful guide below!

Managing your time wisely – three tips to succeed

If you’re having trouble managing your time wisely, these three tips could be majorly helpful.

1. Get Out Of The “I Can’t” Mindset

It’s been proven how much even a healthy human brain can distort reality. One might look at their packed, crazy schedule and think “I simply don’t have the time for this thing and never will.”

This defeatist attitude will hold you back greatly during your journey of managing your time wisely. Adopt a more positive, headstrong attitude.

Do you really want to fit in an hour of yoga or gym time every week? Instead of saying “I can’t do it”, say “I’ll sacrifice something that’s holding me back in order to add this important event into my schedule.”

Do you want to get a better night’s rest? Instead of thinking there’s just no way to make that happen, take action. Shorten your blogging or Facebook time in order to sleep an extra hour to get that golden eight per night.

2. Invest In A Planner

If you feel like you’re constantly missing appointments and never have time for a single thing, it may be time to invest in a planner.

Paper planners are nice because they are a physical thing that you can incorporate into your life.

In our tech-oriented time, using a physical planner may feel a bit weird. But we promise that with disciplined use, it will help with managing your time wisely.

If you’re totally against the idea, there are a ton of great (and free!) planner and agenda apps available.

Even just investing in your phone’s stock calendar app can be a super helpful thing. Being able to write down appointments and events can help you get a solid idea of what your day, week, and month looks like. This will help you manage other things you’d like to do outside of the busy stuff.

3. Make A List Of Goals

Take the time to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen.

Divide that paper into three sections. Title them “This Month”, “This Year”, and “Five-Year Plan”.

Start writing down any goals, ideas, or dreams you have specific to each timeframe. It doesn’t matter how silly or small the goal or dream may seem.

Once you have a bunch of stuff written down, narrow each category down to the three things you want to do the most.

Incorporate these goals into your planner and stick to them. There’s something about writing down goals that helps with time management and self-discipline greatly.

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