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All industries can be creative industries

Innovation Strategy

The British Business Embassy has this week been running a series of events highlighting the UK’s creative industries & services to the many foreign visitors to London’s Olympics. At an event on Monday, a stellar guest list including the Prime Minister, Duchess of Cambridge, Stella McCartney, Jeremy Hunt, Sir Martin Sorrell, Jonathan Ive from Apple, Burberry’s Christopher Bailey and Lord Rogers gathered together to blow the trumpet.

As described on the British Business Embassy website:

The event highlighted the importance of behavioural economics; how advertising can influence mass behaviour for the greater good; the role of architecture in urban regeneration; how the designed environment influences how we live and behave; and how design and innovation can help businesses keep ahead of the game while still being good corporate citizens.

The Summit was a unique and prestigious forum to highlight the expertise and experience of the UK creative services industry and enhance its image in high-growth markets. It was also an unmissable opportunity for both UK and international delegates to engage with key decision makers and influencers at the highest level.

The BBC reports on some of the issues discussed at the event here.

However I was interested to read a critical review of the event in the Telegraph:

One air-kissing, champagne-soaked event pretty much summed up the misunderstanding amongst many supposedly influential people about what makes British business and the British economy really tick.

The point is all industry is creative, not just the so-called “creative industries”. There’s more creativity in a Dyson vacuum cleaner than a Stella McCartney dress. There’s more creativity and ingenuity in a Jaguar car or a Rolls-Royce engine than the adverts that sell them.

I’m inclined to agree – of course this is the case, and it should be communicated, celebrated and encouraged by the government. In its defence, the British Business Embassy is holding a number of additional events for the Education, Life Sciences, ICT, Energy, Retail and other industries. However the positive ‘creative’ message should be applied where possible to these industries and events too.

Creativity can be a positive branding message as well as a fantastic force for good business. So let’s celebrate creativity in engineering, science and all other industries too.

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