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An Idea Ten Feet Tall


I loved reading this case study of advertising agency TBWA‘s recent campaign for adidas. They were briefed to get NBA all-star Derrick Rose known as an adidas brand icon amongst an urban teenage audience.

They had a fantastic creative constraint: Rose was only going to be in London for 24 hours – and they only had access to him for one afternoon.

TBWA created a two-hour pop up store in the Geffrye Estate in East London – the D Rose Jump Store, stocked with hundreds of pairs of adidas D Rose 3.5 shoes. And Derrick Rose.

The shelves the shoes sat on were ten feet high, the height of a basketball rim. Visitors were given just 24 seconds to jump for the shoes, the same amount of time it takes to make a play in a real game. If you could jump that high, you could take away a free pair of shoes.

Every person that jumped left the store with the signature shoes in a specially designed bag, a limited edition t-shirt, signed poster and discount voucher for the adidas Performance store.

Read the full case study here and more here.

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