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An Introduction to Our Bootcamps

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We’re holding a series of one-day workshops at the moment titled A Bootcamp for Creative Campaigns. We originally ran these for members of the Arts Marketing Association in London and Manchester last summer, and they were such a hit that we decided to throw them open to all-comers!

What’s the workshop about? It’s predominantly targeted at in-house marketing and PR managers, and it aims to help them improve their creative skills to generate ideas for new campaigns. We start off by looking at the creative process, and how people create new things. We then look at some of the implications of the way our brains are wired – how we organise things into patterns, and how we’re seduced by the status quo.

We then go on to learning methods for stretching our creativity, looking at specific creative thinking techniques and trying them out. We also cover testing and feedback, and how that is useful for developing and strengthening our ideas.

Finally we move onto communication – how can we package our ideas and campaigns into persuasive and compelling language, and how can we create a strategy for maximising their effectiveness.

Essentially you get a taster for four of our key content areas: Understand, Generate, Develop and Communicate.

One of the great things about the sessions last year was that they were the catalyst for lots of great ideas, many of which were essentially ready to be implemented immediately.

This is one of the key elements of today’s busy work environment. Taking time away from the daily grind for self improvement is incredibly important – naturally we can’t recommend this highly enough! But in reality, there is always pressure to apply that leaning to a real project or brief, and we recognise this. It’s great to learn something new, but it’s great to come away with something tangible too, that you can present to your boss, or help you through the next week’s heavy workload.

That’s why we nearly always create our content with enough flexibility and scope for weaving in real-life projects and challenges. After all, if you can relate learning directly back to your day to day, it’s more likely you’ll find that learning relevant and useful.

We hope you will consider attending one of our Bootcamps – it would be great to see you, and to send you packing with some fantastic ideas, ready to go once you get back to your desks!

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