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Apple’s new eco-friendly campus

Workspace Design

Apple has released a video with details of its new ‘Campus 2’ office complex, currently being built in Cupertino, California. The eco credentials are impressive:

– The campus will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy sources, with one of the largest onsite corporate solar energy installations in the world.

– It will use 30 percent less energy than a typical R&D office building, making use of natural ventilation for 75 percent of the year.

– 80 percent of the site will be open space, populated by more than 7,000 trees

– Over a third of the nearly 15,000 employees in Cupertino can commute to the new campus using our biofuel buses, public transit, bicycles (over 1,000 shared bicycles will be made available), carpools, and their own two feet. And for drivers, the campus will have over 300 electric vehicle charging stations.

As you would expect from Apple and Norman Foster, and originally overseen by Steve Jobs, it’s a remarkable project.

Watch the video here.

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