Claire Allen

The truth about comfort zones

The truth about comfort zones

We’re often advised to step out of our comfort zone, to push ourselves to try new things. But what are comfort zones, and why are they so… comfortable?

Basecamp’s Healthy Benefits

Employee benefits aren’t always as boring as pension plans and a gym membership that you won’t get around to using. Basecamp work with a travel agent to design holiday packages to make sure employees take their allocated days off each year.

No Rules Rules OK

A study in New Zealand suggests abandoning rules and letting children take risks might be better for everyone in the long run. What lessons can we learn if we hold this example as a mirror to the adult world?

Get Stuck to Get Out of a Rut

Boston-based game developer Adriel Wallick created Train Jam, a gaming event where a group of developers board a train to a mutually beneficial industry event and use the long journey to thrash out ideas.

Holacracy: work without managers

Holacracy: work without managers

Can you imagine going in to work tomorrow and being told you don’t have a manager anymore? Now imagine how that would impact your own role, and whether that is for better or worse. Welcome to a working environment where roles overlap instead of being stacked on top of each other.

Elon Musk: Ideas Out of This World

Elon Musk: Ideas Out of This World

Exploring space technology so humans can live on other planets: these are hugely ambitious – and some would say unlikely – plans. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has the CV and attitude of someone who might just succeed.

Creative Thinking as a Force for Good

Being told to be good, green and healthy is perhaps as useful as being told to be creative. That’s why we spoke to We Are What We Do: a not-for-profit behaviour change company dedicated to tackling major social and environmental issues – without being all preachy about it.

A Makeshift Approach to Ideas

Brimming with ideas and can’t stay focused on one thing at a time? That could be your best route to success, says Makeshift co-founder Stef Lewandowski. His way out of a creative block? “Go and do something really naughty.”

A random way to test ideas

When it comes to medicine, getting things right is critical. So when you are ready to try out a new idea, why not employ the same testing methods as the world of medicine – randomised testing?