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Employee benefits aren’t always as boring as pension plans and a gym membership that you won’t get around to using. Nor do they have to be as glitzy and frivolous as those that make the headlines. Getting a healthy package together can help you – and your employer – take a leaf out of Basecamp’s book.

They make ‘Frustration-free web-based apps for collaboration, sharing information, and making decisions’ and in what they do and how they work, they believe ‘bells and whistles wear off’ but ‘useful is forever’.

They don’t go for games rooms and gourmet chefs brought in house to keep staff at their desks for longer. Quite the opposite – they work with a travel agent to design holiday packages to make sure employees take their allocated days off each year. Rest rejuvenates the workforce, is the thought behind that rather impressive benefit.

But, more simply, they reward long hard work. For every three years an individual spends with them, they give the option of a month’s sabbatical. And new starters don’t have long to wait for similar perks – anyone who has worked there a year gets a four-day summer week.

On a day-to-day basis, their benefits are more practical still. They take part in a fruit and veg box scheme from goods grown locally to them. This is to encourage healthy home cooking and healthy office lunches.

Then, rather than the gym membership-for-all approach, the company chips in if an employee wants to take an exercise class or repair their bike. This is hoped to balance out the need to sit at a desk for large parts of the working day.

If this is giving you ideas for your company, report back on what you decide to implement. We’ll write about it here!