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Some best practices for managing remote teams


Remote working has long been a top-up to face-to-face office time, but what happens to a team when all employees work from home for weeks or months?


Collaboration Playbook

Our free Collaboration Playbook features over 20 great ideas for fostering collaboration in your team. This jam-packed guide includes insights from Google, IDEO, Deloitte, Apple and more.


What makes a great team?

What makes a great team?

Google’s Project Aristotle research evaluated decades of academic research and studied hundreds of teams at Google to identify the dynamics of effective teams. Here’s what they found.

Artisans of the future

Artisans of the future

As this article from 1843 Magazine outlines, the world’s attention these days is focused on technology, yet there is a growing trend for craft and artisan companies that look more like workshops from the pre-industrial world.