Brilliant Brainstorm Facilitation

Creative Huddle was launched in 2011 after identifying a need for better business brainstorms. I had spent 15 years working in agencies, often leading client pitches and responsible for devising client strategy. However I soon encountered the same problem as countless others in my position – and perhaps you’ve encountered this too – brainstorms can be fraught with problems.

I’ve spent the past seven years perfecting the fine art of being a great brainstorm facilitator: helping groups collaborate effectively to generate brilliant ideas and solve tricky problems. A facilitator can act as a catalyst to spark a group’s creativity by maintaining energy levels, introducing creative thinking techniques, ensuring group cohesion and providing the necessary support in terms of equipment and recording.

It isn’t necessary for a brainstorm facilitator to have a deep understanding of the company, or its industry – in fact sometimes it can be a distinct advantage to have someone guaranteed to bring a fresh approach.

Better brainstorms

Brainstorms work best for teams of 12-20, however they can accommodate more if you have a spacious venue.

Three hours is a good length for a brainstorm – long enough to generate brilliant ideas and formulate action plans; short enough to keep the energy high and enable you to get all the day’s other important tasks done too.

However we can also run full day brainstorms if you have a big topic to tackle – we have plenty of activities and tricks up our sleeves to keep everyone upbeat and productive.


“After the session, my colleague and I couldn’t stop talking about the new ideas we had generated in our heads, all of which happened in such a short period of time. I would recommend Creative Huddle to any company who have reached a creative stalemate.”

– Heidi Swain, University of Sussex

Some recent clients:

Some recent projects:

  • Four years’ consultancy with American Express, delivering over 30 workshops and 100+ coaching sessions with 50 senior leaders
  • A series of creative thinking workshops for senior leaders at Harrods
  • An ‘Open Space’ workshop for 60 senior leaders from Elmbridge Borough Council
  • A two-day strategy workshop for the leaders of CBRE, a global building services firm
  • A workshop for 150 clinical leaders from Bupa to co-create their vision for the organisation
  • An Innovation Toolkit for 800 managers at ITV
  • Creative thinking workshops for GroupM, the world’s largest media investment group
  • A Creative Leadership workshop for the senior creative team at Getty Images
  • A workshop for 80 PhD students from Nottingham University to discuss five key projects
  • A team development workshop for a senior creative team at Photobox

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Synonyms: workshop, brainstorm, meeting, offsite, conference. 

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