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Brainswarming: a new way of brainstorming


Brainstorming doesn’t work, says Dr. Tony McCaffrey, as presenting one idea at a time is inefficient. He offers a pioneering new approach to idea generation: brainswarming.

We do not need to talk in the first place, McCaffrey argues, as insects leave signals for one another and we can do the same. When presented with a problem, we should create a graph with the goal at the top and the resources at the bottom. People can then add their individual ideas onto the graph: the combination of top down and bottom up thinking would connect the two directions – the group would therefore find a collective way to use the resources to solve the problem. The above example shows the model in action.

Research quoted by Dr. McCaffrey shows that brainswarming produces 115 ideas in 15 minutes, compared to 100 ideas in an hour of brainstorming. Give it a try!


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