Innovation Strategy

GE, Eric Ries and FastWorks

Eric Ries is the author of The Lean Startup, a business book detailing methods popular with Silicon Valley startups for rapidly testing new business ideas. For the past two years he’s been advising GE…

Aldi, Lidl and disruptive innovation

Aldi, Lidl and disruptive innovation

In recent times the British supermarket industry has been challenged by upstarts who don’t play by the old rules. Aldi and Lidl demonstrated principles of disruptive innovation. Here are some of the most powerful…

OnCue misses its cue

There are many lessons to be learned when high profile innovations fail, but one which occurs repeatedly is the awkward gap between conception and delivery, during which the world can change dramatically.

Creative Thinking as a Force for Good

Being told to be good, green and healthy is perhaps as useful as being told to be creative. That’s why we spoke to We Are What We Do: a not-for-profit behaviour change company dedicated to tackling major social and environmental issues – without being all preachy about it.

A Makeshift Approach to Ideas

Brimming with ideas and can’t stay focused on one thing at a time? That could be your best route to success, says Makeshift co-founder Stef Lewandowski. His way out of a creative block? “Go and do something really naughty.”

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is the silver lining in our tough economic times, some would have us believe. There is nothing like a bit of clearing out the old to make way for innovation and that’s exactly what the recession is doing. Or is it?