Creativity is a Mindset

Creativity is about characteristics and behaviours, such as flexibility, awareness, openness to ideas, the ability to solve problems, tolerance of failure and risk taking. This is a creative mindset.

Does more positivity = more creativity?

Science has shown that creative problem solving, idea generation, and opportunity creation all increase with a more positive mood. This is a guest post from Susanna Halonen, a self – described Happyologist.

How to get lucky

Opportunity doesn’t knock, you have to find it in places where others can’t see it and recognise it when others don’t. Getting lucky is like proving criminal guilt, it’s all about the means, motive and opportunity.


When I’m struggling to be more creative I often find that I’m also being too focused. I’m reading too many books on one subject, diving too deeply into one set of ideas or just spending too much time working on one problem.