Is Creativity Domain Specific?

A preoccupation within creativity research has been frequent discussion on the influence a domain has on creativity. Creative capability in one domain does not assure creativity in another.

Beer for the idea; coffee for the execution

After covering Dave Birss’ experiment on alcohol and creativity recently, we were interested to read Michael Cho’s prescription to help you decide when it’s best to go for alcohol, and when coffee might be your best bet…

Does alcohol make you more creative?

The idea that alcohol makes you more creative is not a new one but has it ever been proven? When we heard of a recent experiment involving 18 advertising creatives we felt compelled to look in to it…

How to ‘creatively interpret’ research

When we heard that a small group of people were attempting to engage a broader audience by ‘creatively interpreting’ psychology research, and presenting it with eye-catching illustrations, we decided to find out more.