Six Word Memoirs

One of our favourite short workshop activities is Six Word Memoirs, a simple challenge to craft a creative account of your life in just six words. It’s a great way to get people thinking about creative constraints.

Brainstorm in Bubbles with Wikibrains

A hybrid between brainstorming and mind mapping, WikiBrains is a place to discover and share connections with a growing community of creative and visual thinkers. We spoke to co-founder Leon Markowitz to find out more.

How to Have Ideas at Your Desk – the video!

This video explains how it’s possible to come up with brilliant, shiny new ideas even in the dullest, most routine-ridden environments — or any location, for that matter. You just need clever creative thinking techniques.

Fixing a different way of thinking

People sometimes find it challenging to fix their own stuff, or don’t have the desire to even identify problems they live with. But when you fix something for someone else, you have a really strong motivation.

Interview: Assunta Cucca,

Popular for fast-building and prototyping new concepts, hackathons are also great for building a team’s collective creativity.’s Assunta Cucca tells us how they use hackathons for internal idea generation.

Ideas on a napkin please

American Airlines has hijacked the urban myth that winning business ideas get scrawled on a napkin. They’ve launched a competition asking for business pitches in exactly that format.

Designing a divergent thinking sheet

In considering group creativity recently, I read several research reports and articles claiming that individual thinking is more productive than group thinking. So I tried my hand at designing a tool to help individuals think.