Google’s Captain of Moonshots

Google’s Captain of Moonshots

Astro Teller, entrepreneur, scientist and ‘Captain of Moonshots’ for Google [x] is thinking big. And he wants you to do the same – he believes “YOU can be the next Google.” We find out how by taking a look at the Google [x] Ethos.

Creativity: better alone or in groups?

Picasso famously said “without great solitude no serious work can be done”. In effect, private revelation was his key to divining creativity. Integral to the process was having an unfettered, lonely environment. Somewhere along the line though, workplace theory has gone completely the other way.

Elon Musk: Ideas Out of This World

Elon Musk: Ideas Out of This World

Exploring space technology so humans can live on other planets: these are hugely ambitious – and some would say unlikely – plans. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has the CV and attitude of someone who might just succeed.

The McGurk Effect

Our friend Johnnie Moore recently wrote about the McGurk Effect, looking at how what we what see influences what we hear. Take a look at the video - it makes quite compelling viewing, doesn't it! There is a process taking place in our brain every time we talk with...

Hear what isn’t being said

Tim Brown, CEO at IDEO, says with 600 staff across 12 time zones, the company has to make an effort to keep communication as real as possible. He believes that a large part of communication is non-verbal.

Team harmony vs goal harmony

Dave Brailsford on Bradley Wiggins on the same team as Chris Froome: “I don’t spend a nanosecond worrying whether they get on. People talk about having team unity and team harmony. I don’t buy that at all.”