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Coca Cola second lives and Virgin Money’s creative job interview


Coca Cola with more Lives
Coca Cola’s latest idea to reduce the impact of their bottles on the environment is certainly innovative. Coca-Cola Creates 16 Bottle Caps To Give Second Lives To Empty Bottles shows, through the help of a very happy and colourful video, this new idea in practice. They have brought out 16 bottle caps that can be attached to old bottles, to ensure they can be used long after the drink has been finished. Their uses include: water pistol, colouring pen, pencil sharpener, toy, soap dispenser, night light and bubble wand. As a way to make recycling fun this certainly has the potential to work. They have released 40,000 caps in Vietnam and will then move on across Asia. No word, as yet, of when the UK might see them.

World’s Most Creative Job Interview
As all graduates will know, the interview process is becoming more and more complicated and expectations have sky-rocketed as people find innovative ways to present themselves as the ideal employee. Virgin Money is taking this one step further, launching the World’s Most Creative Job Interview. It consists of 5 stages, “…testing their problem solving skills, entrepreneurial prowess, powers of persuasion, curiosity, creativity and ability to inspire.”

Inspiration is not creative
The title It’s Okay to be Dumb is a good place to start the week – no high expectations – but this article from David Mikula suggests that the ‘creative process… is more important than the work that’s produced.’ Do you agree?

He begins by saying that the search for inspiration is not part of the creative process, even though it is where so many people start. ‘The more you look for inspiration: the less you make. When you put that much energy into watching other people make: you begin to think it’s impossible to do great work of your own.’

Instead of following in someone else’s footsteps, Mikula suggests taking the risk and aiming for something completely original. He says that we should start by voicing our point of view about our idea – a brave step as ideas are stolen so swiftly nowadays – but the points he makes on the creative process certainly do make sense. ‘The moment your idea is in the world, it’s going to get pushed around a lot. If it continues to make sense, then you have an opportunity.’

Insightful Innovation Quotes
Aimee Groth, from Business Insider, has compiled a list of 27 Insights About Creativity That Every Entrepreneur Should Read. They come from various different industries; from Lady Gaga to David Brooks; J.K. Rowling to Jeff Bezos. As with most listicles, there are some duds – but enough good ones to make this worth checking out.

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