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Creative Process: Kate Hodsdon

Creativity & Innovation

cpkatehodsdonKate Hodsdon is founder of Disobedient Management, which devises marketing and business development strategies for organisations and individuals who believe their business will have a positive impact on the world.

Do you follow a creative process?

Not really. I believe creativity comes from passion to find solutions to things and a care for the cause. Ideas that are forced always flop.

Do you use any tricks or techniques to come up with ideas?

Old fashioned thinking. I read constantly in all areas and when stuck return to Seth Godin, Ted Talks, It’s Nice That and the utterly wonderful Happy Start Up blog. I walk and think and turn my phone/Mac OFF.

Where / when do you feel most creative?

Mid afternoon. I also always find new ideas when talking to friends. One word can totally flip things.

Does technology help or hinder creativity?

Gaah. Tricky one. I personally feel it’s a distraction. Inspiration and creativity – are they defined as one and the same or separate? If separate, then inspiration is eased by online content. There’s access to some incredible work and ideas. Creativity is a process to me that finds novel ways to do things. Artistic capacity is different. Again. Depends how you’re defining creativity.

Do you use group brainstorms? If so, how do you run them?

Urgh. My pet hate. I’ve been in more than I care to remember and witnessed the dilution of great ideas by team pressure to neutralize. Give someone a brief, some paper and Haribos and leave them to it. Collate it all and then brainstorm I say.

What’s the biggest challenge facing creative people?

I believe most people can be creative and not work in the sector. A dearth of been there, done it and so over it is a big hindrance. Ideas come naturally when you are interested in something. It’s all about Simon Sinek’s Start with Why in my mind.

Can creativity be taught?

Problem solving yes. Creativity can be nurtured so yes can be taught. BUT the quality of the result depends on the way someone’s mind works naturally. Is an accountant who can work around an issue a creative or not? Does finding a creative answer to something make you a creative or not? Meep. Sorry – always an analyst…

Who is the most creative person you know?

Mark Blaylock at Monk London. Brilliant man and heart of gold so top banana all in all.

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