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Creative Reading Matter #3


We read a LOT. Here’s the best stuff we’ve found recently:

From The Creativity Post – 10 of the Most Counterintuitive Pieces of Advice from Famous Entrepreneurs:

Seek out the most critical opinions of your plan that you can find. The natural tendency for a first-time entrepreneur is to fall in love with an idea and then look for friends and colleagues to support it. After all, who wants to have a fledgling idea crushed by naysayers? But these are exactly the types of folks you should be looking for.

From 100%Open – Don’t Predict, Prototype!

Our biggest lesson learned is that our collective ability to predict the future is much less important than our capability and responsiveness to change. As the old saying goes, the best way to predict the future is to create it, so we thought we’d share our five steps for doing just that.

From Johnnie Moore – Your Brain on Walking:

I think most people at meetings spend way too much time sitting, with the illusion that somehow being seated (especially at a big table) constitutes serious work. It feels like a kind of workaholism to me. I’d link this to this research which dramatises how easily the rational functions of our brain get tired. I think the gist of Kahneman’s work suggests we then start making stuff up to cover the fact that our chimp brains are kicking in. We’re more like Homer than Mr Spock, but we may think otherwise.

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