Creative workshops for teams

Our on-site workshops provide a flexible, ad-hoc approach to solving pressing business problems or unlocking team creativity.

Let’s solve your problems in just three hours

Is there something you’d like to fix in your business?

Maybe you’re not winning as many clients as you’d like, or maybe your team is finding it difficult to meet deadlines and deliver on all their work.

Or maybe you have goals and ambitions that you’d like to realise for your business? It might be landing bigger and better clients, or producing high quality, award-winning creative work.

Wouldn’t it be great to solve those problems, once and for all, and move forward with purpose and conviction?

We can help you generate the ideas you need

Our workshops can be quickly tailored to the specific needs of your team, company and industry, and to the precise project or challenge you are working on.

You might be looking to create a killer marketing plan, or a content strategy, or a money-spinning new business drive, or you might be simply looking get your team working better together.

Spend the first half generating loads of brilliant ideas for a specific project or brief, and the second half putting together a dynamic action plan to turn those ideas into reality.

It’s all in the facilitation

We’ve been running highly effective workshops for years, and are highly skilled in the art of getting the best creative ideas from everyone on the team.

There are many reasons for having an outside facilitator: we are neutral, are not influenced by corporate culture or politics, don’t take sides or express or advocate a point of view, and we can establish fair, open and inclusive tools and techniques to accomplish the group’s work.

Our array of creative thinking techniques and prompts will push you into new ways of doing things to create innovative solutions to your business problems.

Our workshop with Creative Huddle achieved all our aims. It offered a chance for the team to think in different ways using different tools, some of which they have already put to use in other meetings. The second part of the session was a great practical exercise where the team agreed an action plan for our next steps that were solution driven. It was also brilliant to have someone independent of the team which freed me as manager to be more involved, and the team to be more confident about speaking up. Thanks Creative Huddle!

Jane Stewart, England Athletics

Perfectly sized, and in your comfort zone

These workshops work best for teams of up to 12, however they can accommodate up to 20 if you have a spacious venue.

Our workshops run for three hours – long enough to generate brilliant ideas and formulate action plans; short enough to enable you to get all the day’s other important tasks done too.

If you have a suitable space within your offices, that’s great. Ideally, a room with natural light, plenty of space to swing a cat, not too many tables, flipcharts and a projector / large TV screen. Alternatively we can suggest some great creative spaces.

We’ll bring along all the necessary materials, including post-it notes, good quality pens, notepads, worksheets, sweets…

Your ideas will be priceless, but we’re affordable

A three hour workshop costs just £750 for a team of up to 12, or £950 for up to 20.

All workshop materials are included in the above fees, as is pre- and post-workshop administration and consultancy.

Facilitator’s travel and subsistence (outside London) is added at cost. VAT is charged at standard UK rate.

You’ll be in good company

We’ve worked with a range of different organisations, of all sizes and industries:

Some example workshops we’ve run recently

How can we best help your team? Let some of these past themes inspire you:

How to choose a workshop topic

We’ll ask you to specify the project that you would like the workshop to focus on, and we’ll also ask you about your team – their experience of brainstorming, and details about their roles, responsibilities and level of seniority.

It’s best to be specific about the topic you choose. Ideally it should be a particular project that the team will all be working on together. It should also be a high value, high priority project so we can help you make the most impact.

We can help you define and refine a project on the phone and over email in the run-up to the workshop. We have a good template to help you create a clear brief so participants arrive for the workshop with a clear understanding of exactly what is expected of them.

What happens next?

We’ll send a short online survey to all participants approximately 10 days before the workshop date. This enables us to tailor and shape our workshops so participants get the most benefit.

We’ll ask for a brief summary of their job role & responsibilities (relevant to the workshop), their hopes for the workshop and what they would like it to achieve. We also ask for any initial ideas in response to the brief for the workshop, and to share them now so we can make the best use of the time available.

If you need us to help you find somewhere to hold the workshop we have a database of suitable venues for you to choose from. Book a date using our availability calendar and we’re good to go!

We come armed with reams of post-its, Sharpies, worksheets and props – including a rubber brick and ping-pong balls! – to help stimulate creative juices and problem solving powers.


Read some of the nice things that past clients have had to say about our work:

“I attended with my team, and we all found it very useful to take time out of our busy diaries to think about the art of ideation.”

Angela Maurer,

“I’d highly recommend Creative Huddle – they’re easy to work with, know their stuff and are passionate about what they do.”

John Athanasiou, HarperCollins

“A highly interactive session, full of energy, insightful ideas and new ways of working. I have no hesitation in recommending.”

Jane Hague, Excel London

“Creative Huddle led us through some of the leading thinking in creativity and got us all engaged in hands on activity specifically aimed at developing new ideas to solve the most important challenges we face.”

Russell Findlay, London Youth Games

“After the session, my colleague and I couldn’t stop talking about the new ideas we had generated in our heads, all of which happened in such a short period of time. I would recommend Creative Huddle to any company who have reached a creative stalemate.”

Heidi Swain, University of Sussex

“James delivered a great workshop, allowing plenty of space for discussion and pitching it well for senior leaders. Allowed us to view creativity through the lens of our work at NatCen.”

Kandy Woodfield, NatCen

“We gave James plenty of information about our objectives and goals. He used this information to totally tailor the programme around our team and the individuals in it.”

David Knowles, ThinkBDA

“I would recommend Creative Huddle in driving practical tools and techniques at a good price point and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Jo Taylor, TalkTalk

“James has great integrity, is down to earth and a really nice guy too. He brings a practical and clear approach to creativity tools and techniques, and strips out the mystique and the b*llsh*t which is no small accomplishment. “

Roland Harwood, 100%Open