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Creativity, robots and jobs

Creativity & Innovation, Technology

We were interested by Harold Jarche’s reaction to a Nesta post last week: “Many jobs are getting automated and disappearing. If nothing is done, there will be severe societal repercussions. In the USA today, 79% of the labour force needs to shift to highly creative work. Jobs, as currently defined, are not the answer. We need to develop structures that encourage and value creative work, from our education establishments, unions, employers, and politicians.”

The Nesta post in question was ‘Creativity versus Robots‘, in which they quote research leading them to the conclusion that ““Places that have specialised in creative work are most likely to prosper in the 21st century.” They also state that the UK is in a better position than the US in this regard.

For another voice on the subject, Harvard’s Larry Summers has written for the World Economic Forum, arguing that “Among the key areas that will have to change is education, so that our schools, colleges and universities place a premium on doing the tasks that machines cannot do: collaboration, creation and leading. And at the same time, they must place less emphasis on the tasks that machines can do: the monitoring, calculation and execution.”

We’ll give Jarche the final word: “We need to skill-up jobs for emergent and novel practices which requires a completely different mindset about work. Most of all, a creative workplace requires managers who really care about creative talent development.”

Photo credit: Chris Isherwood

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