Creativity Training: Be a Creative Genius

Our creativity training workshops help participants understand their natural creative abilities, build their creative confidence and learn a practical toolkit of creative thinking techniques that can be applied to a wide variety of corporate briefs.

Our 90 minute, three-hour or full day creativity training workshops are highly practical, hands-on, team-based sessions that get everyone actively involved in the fascinating world of corporate creativity.

Participants learn the traits and mindsets of highly creative people, delve into neuroscience to examine where ideas come from, understand why it’s necessary to push past obvious ideas and stereotypes, and apply a set of tried and tested creative thinking and problem solving techniques to their own projects.

“I attended with my team, and we all found it very useful to take time out of our busy diaries to think about ideation.”  

 Angela Maurer, Head of Innovation,

Recent clients include:

The business case for creativity training

If you’re going to learn anything to get ahead in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, make it creativity. But don’t just take our word for it. There are many reports that show creativity’s direct links to profitability and economic progress.

Research by Adobe shows 8 in 10 people feel that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth, yet a striking minority – only 1 in 4 people – believe they are living up to their own creative potential. Nearly three-quarters (71%) say creative thinking should be taught.

A study by Forrester Consulting revealed that companies embracing creativity outperform competitors on indicators such as revenue growth, market share and talent acquisition. Articles in The Guardian and the Harvard Business Review both highlight the importance of effective creative leadership in driving innovation.

Accenture predicts that within the next 15 years, some 47% of all jobs could be automated, and intelligent machines will outnumber humans. Skills such as innovative thinking and problem solving will be most needed in the future. The World Economic Forum says creativity will become one of the top three skills workers will need to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution.

It’s clear there has never been a better time to embark on a programme of creativity training – to nurture and upgrade our innate skills for creative thinking.

Creativity be learned, quickly.

Creative thinking is not purely a God-given gift; it is a skill, which can therefore be taught. While some of us may be more naturally able to call on our creative talents than others, we can all add to our creative abilities in order to reach our creative potential.

It is easy to assume that people are either creative or they’re not, that they’ve got it or they haven’t. However, evidence indicates that creativity is not fixed. Creativity training enables this valuable skill to be fostered and enhanced.

Our approach is to help participants understand the necessary mindset and approach for creative high performance, and to introduce them to an extensive, practical toolkit of techniques and methods that they can immediately apply to live projects and problems from their everyday work. Great breakthroughs can be achieved in short spaces of time as participants quickly gain confidence and expertise.

To embark on a programme of creativity training is to discover inner strengths and abilities that can be called upon for the rest of your career. Great ideas and solutions are immensely satisfying and valuable, and our workshops regularly see moments of high inspiration, leading to shouts of joy and excitement at the prospect of new opportunities and innovations.

SO much learnt & a great way to team bond!”  

 Kim Edwards, Getty Images


Watch a video explaining our Constraints technique, and download a worksheet to try out yourself.

Our creative thinking toolkit

When we need to come up with ideas, one of the most effective things we can do is to jump start the process. Our collection of tools and techniques helps groups and individuals generate brilliant ideas quickly.

There’s no need to start from a blank page – most of our tools and techniques come with worksheets and templates to guide you along. They include:

Beginner’s Mind: Stuck for fresh thinking and original ideas? It could be that your knowledge and experience is holding you back. It’s time to empty your cup and view your problem as a complete newcomer.

Perspectives: Look at a problem or brief from different angles or vantage points to change how it’s seen or interpreted. This might mean you take on a different persona, or change your thinking style.

Constraints: We could all use more budget and more time, right? Maybe not. Constraints are often the source of our best ideas. So rather than remove constraints, let’s welcome them and add more.

Participants in our creativity training workshops get to try out a number of these tools and techniques, and are guided in immediately applying them to projects and problems from their work roles.

Workshops are best for creativity training

Creative Huddle workshops are a mix of everything we know to work well:

  • Idea and knowledge sharing – vibrant, open discussions where participants debate the art of the possible and test out new theories and solutions
  • Sections of participation – doing is far more effective than passive listening;
  • Peer-to-peer learning and feedback, because everyone brings their own experience, understanding and perspective;
  • Flexibility, because the content needs to move in the direction the workshop participants need.

There is often a lot of laughter – humour generates lots of energy and helps groups bond and share their thoughts and experiences. Humour is also great for provoking creativity.

“I’d highly recommend Creative Huddle – they’re easy to work with, know their stuff and are passionate about what they do.”

John Athanasiou, HarperCollins

What people say after our creativity training workshops

Here’s a small selection of quotes received from participants after attending our creativity training workshops:

“I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshop.”

“The techniques were really useful in terms of determining exactly where we should focus in the future.”

“I liked the way that ideas were drawn from the group in a simple, focused way.”

“After the session, my colleague and I couldn’t stop talking about the new ideas we had generated in our heads, all of which happened in such a short period of time. I would recommend Creative Huddle to any company who have reached a creative stalemate.”

All participants receive our Creative Genius Toolkit, with videos, worksheets and a 16 page PDF explaining all the concepts and techniques.

Perfectly sized, and in your comfort zone

Our creativity training workshops work best for teams of up to 12, however they can accommodate up to 20 if you have a spacious venue.

Our workshops can run for 90 minutes, three hours or a full day – the more time you have, the more deeply we can explore the factors affecting creative performance and spend longer practising a wider variety of tools from our toolkit.

If you have a suitable space within your offices, that’s great. Ideally, a room with natural light, plenty of space to swing a cat, not too many tables, flipcharts and a projector / large TV screen. Alternatively we can suggest some great creative spaces.

We’ll bring along all the necessary materials, including post-it notes, good quality pens, notepads, worksheets, sweets…

“I would recommend Creative Huddle in driving practical tools and techniques at a good price point and have no hesitation in recommending them.”


Jo Taylor, TalkTalk

“James has great integrity, is down to earth and a really nice guy too. He brings a practical and clear approach to creativity tools and techniques, and strips out the mystique and the b*llsh*t which is no small accomplishment.”


Roland Harwood, 100%Open