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Deloitte predicts that the most successful companies will be those that can “move faster, adapt more quickly, learn more rapidly, and embrace dynamic career demands.” These companies will be built around networks of high performing teams that are formed and disbanded quickly as projects are established and prioritised.

These team networks will look more like ecosystems than traditional organisational hierarchies and as a result, instead of asking “For whom do you work?” we’ll be asking “With whom do you work?” People will likely be part of 2 or 3 separate teams at the same time.

As Deloitte says: “as organisations make this transition, they find that smaller teams are a natural way for humans to work. Research shows that we spend two orders of magnitude more time with people near our desk than with those more than 50 meters away. Whatever a hierarchical organisation chart says, real, day-to-day work gets done in networks.”

The key to this new network of teams is that team members can begin collaborating quickly. One way to optimise for this is that “accountability becomes more transparent. Individual and team goals and metrics should be shared for everyone to see.”

Another is to focus on feedback, which “empowers people to reset goals continuously, change projects, and feel rewarded for their ‘work,’ not just their ‘job.’”

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