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Get Stuck to Get Out of a Rut

Creative Blocks

When can being stuck actually get you out of a rut? When ‘stuck’ is turned into clever and / or collaborative use of not being able to get off a train, get out of a snowed in home or get off the M1 in a traffic jam.

Boston-based game developer Adriel Wallick is our inspiration. Her trigger experience was two long, back-to-back train journeys where she gave dedicated time to a task. Adriel only wished she could have a team of developers with her, to throw ideas about with and come up with something she wouldn’t have seen on her own. So she created Train Jam, a gaming event where a group of developers board a train to a mutually beneficial industry event and use the long journey to thrash out ideas. The plan is to complete a new game by the time they disembark – and as this Jam occurs on a train traveling from Chicago to San Francisco, participants have 52 hours to form teams, conceptualise an idea, and create a game – or stare out a window.

This idea could be adapted for any number of conferences, lectures or even festivals, giving the passengers a feeling of achievement before they start the main event. All you need is a way of contacting other participants before the event (pick any social media platform or forum), checking that you can congregate at a sensible distance from the venue. The ideal method of transport is a train or a bus, where large groups can sit within hearing distance of each other.

Then comes the objective: think of your ideal startup and write the business plan, or come up with the plot for a new sitcom, or collaborate on a song (tip: don’t sit in the quiet coach). Share this around beforehand but perhaps limit any need for planning, in case individuals get engrossed before collaboration can begin.

Here’s an idea! We have loads of great events coming up – see our open events page. Sign up with a group of friends, and have a Train Jam session of your own on the way! See what we did there?

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