Graphic Facilitation

To complement our workshop facilitation our clients often choose to have their discussions recorded by a graphic artist. We work with a highly talented group of graphic facilitators who are adept at illustrating topics and themes in a unique and intuitive style.

As well as providing a compelling record of the workshop these illustrations can be useful to provoke and inspire new ways of thinking. The visual stimulation they provide often helps participants to see the bigger picture, or to stretch their ideas to create greater impact.

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I’m James Allen, founder of Creative Huddle. I’ve facilitated hundreds of workshops, meetings, focus groups, strategy sessions, teambuilding events and corporate offsites for a range of clients, from corporate household names to creative agencies, charities and startups. Read more →

Creative Huddle (noun)

A brilliantly facilitated group session to help teams generate ideas, solve problems, explore opportunities or make decisions.

Synonyms: workshop, brainstorm, meeting, offsite, conference. 

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Download our new Collaboration Playbook to get over 20 great ideas for fostering collaboration in your team.

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