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Great Creative Thinkers from History


Whether you believe there are innumerable new ideas to be had or that we are all re-imagining the same things our ancestors puzzled over, learning about inspiring men and women from history can give a certain spark to your work.

We decided to take a look at some great creative thinkers from history to see if there were parallels between our core service areas to the way they went about things. We invite you to take a look here.

We’ve looked at great inventors, like Edison and his light bulb, as well as Trevor Baylis, most famous for inventing the wind up radio, with his philosophy that “Art is pleasure, innovation is treasure.”

Our profiles of George de Mestral and Coco Chanel can be illuminating to your own work – each story highlights the eureka moments and fusing of ideas that went on to become something monumental.

Some of the profiles might surprise you – for example we praise Pablo Picasso for his sheer productivity – he holds the Guinness world record for most prolific painter, counting 13,500 paintings and designs, 100,000 prints and engravings, 34,000 book illustrations and 300 sculptures and ceramics.

And while we all know a little about Albert Einstein, his quiet early years and denouncing of his German citizenship add a dash of colour and life to the picture. Learning about the invention of Braille and finding out what Isaac Newton did, apart from discover gravity, is well worth the three minutes these summaries will take to read.

Let us know which of our creative thinkers inspires you the most!

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