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Having ideas – Innocent’s golden rules


Some great words about creative thinking techniques and keeping a creative corporate culture here from A Book About Innocent: Our Story and Some Things We’ve Learned:

Leave the office

We had our big idea on holiday. You might have yours in the park while feeding the ducks, or in bed, or out walking in the country. Pretty much any place where your mind can be liberated. Your brain is hemmed in at a desk, thinking about desk things. Don’t expect it to be creative when you’re there.

Keep a notebook in your pants

Or at least keep one close by, all day and all night. Richard Branson is constantly scribbling in his, wherever he is. And we find that it’s particularly useful on the bedside table – great thoughts often come to you just before you fall asleep, and if you don’t write them down they’re gone in the morning.

Start from different places

When we’re trying to develop an idea for something, say a piece of packaging, we force ourselves to go wide before we go deep. In other words, it’s better to come up with four completely different ways of solving the same problem before spending time working on different versions of the same basic idea. And it stops you from deciding on the solution before you’ve had a chance to look at the alternatives.

Sit in a dark room naked

It’s got to be worth a try.

Hat tip: Russell Findlay

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