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Idea sessions for a corporate customer forum

Case Studies, Innovation

“We really appreciate your flexibility and ability to facilitate at such late notice. Both sessions were excellent and really varied the conversation.”

We worked with the customer forums team at a large software company to design and facilitate two ideation sessions at their customer forum in Rome. The sessions kicked off each day’s discussions by stretching delegates’ thinking and getting them out of the “weeds” of technical product details.

Sourcing customer insights & challenges

The first session invited participants to come together and share their key challenges and ideas, and also to network together. Small groups discussed: 

  • What are your key challenges at the moment?
  • What would your people like to be able to do, but can’t?
  • What excites or concerns you about the next few years?

Participants were then invited to come forward and pick a topic, and were invited to lead a discussion with others who were interested in the same topic.

The second session aimed to dig deeper, by asking participants to identify any knowledge gaps, or answers they would like to have to important questions. What were they still curious about?

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