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Musical creative constraints and recording on the hoof


It’s worth taking a look at this interesting interview on Think Jar Collective. It features Greg Saunier from the band Deerhoof, who describes their creative process, and their use of creative constraints. Some noteworthy quotes:

When you’re forced to always be working around restraints, then you have to look for other tools to use. Like for me not being able to set up drums in a New York apartment because it will drive the neighbours nuts, I have to use electronic drums to record.

I don’t think about creativity most of the day. I’m usually caught up with the act of creativity rather than stepping back and asking, “well what is it or what’s the trick?“  It’s funny that I heard myself use that word “trick”, because that’s usually how I think of it.  Usually I think I’m having to trick myself into being creative.  It’s this constant mental game, of not wanting to overthink the act of what you’re doing but instead to simply act.

I love the sense of carefree pleasure that comes across from the Rolling Stones.  It’s like they know that it’s ragged, unpredictable, bold, brash, and they don’t care.  It’s like they enjoy the tension that’s created between a group of people that all have different personalities and trying to work it out with each other.

Read the whole interview here.

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