Strategy Workshops & Offsite Meetings

Company offsite meetings and strategy workshops are a useful concept whatever the size of a business. They give the chance for a change of scene to shake up perspectives, to give room for new thoughts to mingle with those of colleagues.

But getting the concept into fruition, past numerous logistical barriers, and logged as a worthwhile business exercise with lasting morale-boosting and financial impact, can be a struggle. This is where a good facilitator comes in handy: assigning someone like me to help you get the most from your (probably quite expensive) offsite can help you put people at ease and get the best from them.

I’ll work with you to create an agenda to help your team reflect on recent results and look ahead to future goals. If you’re planning a large event, requiring multiple facilitators, I can call on a network of trusted and experienced associates and manage their involvement too.

Strategic advantage

I facilitate a lot of strategy meetings, and for me meetings like this are all about bringing together a diverse set of individuals to collaborate effectively on common issues.

Effective strategy meetings offer the possibility to go beyond your day-to-day concerns to engage in higher-level debates and view problems from a different perspective, with the chance for open and frank discussions.

They’re great for building a sense of purpose and identity, developing a shared appreciation of organisational challenges, refining a team’s view of key strategic issues and of course building robust future plans.

“We found the workshop hugely beneficial and left with loads of practical actions to follow up on. The feedback from the team has been very positive.”

– Lena Koskela, Viasat World

Some recent clients:

Some recent projects:

  • Four years’ consultancy with American Express, delivering over 30 workshops and 100+ coaching sessions with 50 senior leaders
  • A series of creative thinking workshops for senior leaders at Harrods
  • An ‘Open Space’ workshop for 60 senior leaders from Elmbridge Borough Council
  • A two-day strategy workshop for the leaders of CBRE, a global building services firm
  • A workshop for 150 clinical leaders from Bupa to co-create their vision for the organisation
  • An Innovation Toolkit for 800 managers at ITV
  • Creative thinking workshops for GroupM, the world’s largest media investment group
  • A Creative Leadership workshop for the senior creative team at Getty Images
  • A workshop for 80 PhD students from Nottingham University to discuss five key projects
  • A team development workshop for a senior creative team at Photobox

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Two-day workshop outline

This sample agenda is designed for a team meeting up for an annual strategic review. It includes activities for reflecting on recent results, brainstorming new ideas and forming action plans.

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