Win the Week Toolkit


Do you dream of being more productive? Would you like to finish each week with a profound sense of accomplishment, satisfied with your efforts and excited about the results?

This action-oriented toolkit will help you assess your productivity, set your week's priorities and plan your tasks, and boost your output on a daily basis. Get ready to win the week.


What it means to win the week

How do you feel as you roll out of bed on a Monday morning?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel energised and excited, yet serenely confident and organised about the coming days?

To feel assured in the knowledge that you’ll reach Friday afternoon in full control, with a significant amount of important, high-impact work and satisfying achievements under your belt?

With this toolkit we aim to help you reach that goal.

On the other hand...

If your aim is simply to get through the week without experiencing any major disasters, stresses or late evenings replying to emails, you’ll find plenty here to help you too.

For many people it’s about potential. How can you plan and execute your week so it works out as well as it possibly could, and make the most of your potential as an intelligent, dynamic and ambitious human being?

Let’s get to work.


How to win the week

Start here with a quick-fire guide on how to make the most of the tools and resources within this toolkit.

Self assessment

Take an honest look in the mirror to see what you're doing well and where you could be making improvements.

Daily & weekly planning

Use our guides and worksheets to help you make the most effective plans for your days and weeks.

Managing yourself

Approaches and techniques to stay on top of your focus, energy and motivation across the week.

Making it happen

Generate and maintain momentum, deal with interruptions and distractions, and focus on making progress.

Daily & weekly reviews

Build a valuable feedback loop by regularly evaluating your results and refining your approach.



This toolkit includes an online assessment to help diagnose inefficiencies and reveal areas for improvement.


17-page PDF

An illustrated ebook takes you through all the concepts, strategies and techniques included in this toolkit.

Templates and worksheets

There's no need to start from a blank page - download and fill in our templates to guide you along.

This toolkit is intended for individual use. Contact us to ask about team discounts.

No questions asked guarantee - if you buy the toolkit and don't like it, we'll refund you. All elements are available for download. UK VAT is included at 20% where applicable.