Creative Genius

Find fresh creative ground by going against the grain, taking risks and learning from failure.

Why it’s important

Originality is at the heart of creativity. So how do you ensure your ideas are as original as possible? It’s all about finding fresh ground by going against the grain, eschewing conformity and ignoring the rulebook.

Sounds easy? For some maverick creatives, it may be. But for many of us, this can seem like a risky approach – so the desire to avoid failure leads us to create ideas that are safe, and often these safe ideas turn out to be pretty dull and uninspiring.

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What you will learn

This workshop helps participants think creatively by discussing the following steps:

  • Notice when your brain leads you towards safe ideas
  • Increase the amount of ideas you generate
  • Try lots of new and diverse experiences
  • Seek more feedback
  • View opportunities from different perspectives

Outcome: participants gain an understanding of what it means to think creatively, and learn a number tools and techniques to help them achieve this.

“I attended with my team, and we all found it very useful to take time out of our busy diaries to think about ideation.”  – Angela Maurer, Head of Innovation,

Available formats

In-house workshop

We’ll work with you and your team to deliver a bespoke workshop that’s tailored to your requirements.

Open workshop

We run regular ticketed three-hour open workshops suitable for individuals or small groups of colleagues.

Online toolkit

Our collection of tools and techniques includes video guides and worksheets, and can be used alone or with a team.

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