Critical Thinker

Make better decisions by using tools & techniques to understand and take the best course of action.

Why it’s important

Every minute of every day we are faced with a torrent of information – sales messages, persuasive arguments, questions to answer and opinions to form. How do we know which is the correct position to take? Which sources or arguments should we listen to? How do we determine who is more credible, how do we judge whether something is of value or not?

In order to make good decisions it is crucial that we are evaluating things critically and using good approaches to decide and take the best course of action. This means seeing through seductive and persuasive messages or emotionally-charged arguments or claims. 8 Reasons Why Your Boss Needs You to Make Objective Business Decisions

World Economic Forum: The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

What you will learn

This workshop helps participants understand and develop approaches for critical thinking by discussing the following steps:

  • What is critical thinking and why is it important?
  • Some common thinking mistakes and why we make them
  • The eight elements of critical thinking: purpose, question, information, interpretation, concept, assumptions, implications and perspectives
  • How to use critical thinking in everyday situations
  • Tools & techniques for critical thinking

This practical session challenges participants to question how they interpret the world around them, helping them learn how to take an objective, impartial view on issues related to their everyday work.

“A highly interactive session, full of energy, insightful ideas and new ways of working. I have no hesitation in recommending Creative Huddle.”

– Jane Hague, Excel London

Available formats

In-house workshop

We’ll work with you and your team to deliver a bespoke workshop that’s tailored to your requirements.

Open workshop

We run regular ticketed three-hour open workshops suitable for individuals or small groups of colleagues.

Online toolkit

Our collection of tools and techniques includes video guides and worksheets, and can be used alone or with a team.

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