Social Animal

Use social media to grow your network, learn from others, extend your influence and build your business.

Why it’s important

People and organisations post millions of Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, YouTube videos and more every day. Social media is one of the quickest, cheapest and most effective ways of communicating online. It can also be used to build your network, learn from others and offer effective customer service.

In order to be successful in using social media, it’s imperative to keep the word ‘social’ front of mind. It’s different from broadcast media. This means that communication on social media is a two-way process, and to be as successful as possible it’s important to listen and engage.

It’s also important to share content that encourages engagement, in order to provoke conversations and extend your brand’s reach.

“A real eye opener to the world of social media and how – if used correctly – it can be the perfect path to interact with and engage with our consumers.”

– Natalie Westbury, Merlin Events



What you will learn

This workshop helps participants develop approaches for using social media by discussing the following steps:

  • Your core business, your competitors, your key messages and your current activity on social media
  • How social media relates to your overall marketing & PR strategy, and how it can enhance your campaigns
  • Best practice – we review some good and bad examples, ideally from your industry, to show you how it should and shouldn’t be done
  • Tips & tricks – we show you how to use social media sites, and look at which software packages you can use to be more efficient and accountable
  • Strategy overview – we discuss the likely components of a social media strategy, and develop a framework for planning and monitoring activity
  • Brainstorm session – using your business and industry, we use some creative techniques to generate ideas for you to implement over the next six months. The more ideas the better – this is all about you and your business
  • Idea development – we review the ideas and build them into campaigns to be implemented in social media. Many ideas have PR & marketing elements too, so you’ll see benefits across your entire communications strategy

Available formats

In-house workshop

We’ll work with you and your team to deliver a bespoke workshop that’s tailored to your requirements.

Open workshop

We run regular ticketed three-hour open workshops suitable for individuals or small groups of colleagues.

Online toolkit

Our collection of tools and techniques includes video guides and worksheets, and can be used alone or with a team.

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