Team Player

Collaborate on group projects through feedback, helping, sharing information and taking responsibility.

Why it’s important

Every successful organisation depends on teams to deliver complex projects, innovative strategies and effective customer service. But a great team is not just a group of great individuals.

It’s important to consider the right balance of team members and their strengths, build cohesion and trust, overcome obstacles and solve problems – together.

“Just wanted to say how much everyone got out of Friday’s workshop. It was immensely stimulating.”

– Ben Jeffries, The Barbican

What you will learn

This workshop discusses the following steps:

  • Great teams are built on great communication
  • Accountability and playing to everyone’s strengths
  • The importance of trust, transparency and flexibility
  • Why collaboration is about making others successful
  • How to practice being a great team

Outcome: participants gain an understanding of what it means to build and participate in high performing teams, and learn a number of tools and techniques to help them achieve this.

Available formats

In-house workshop

We’ll work with you and your team to deliver a bespoke workshop that’s tailored to your requirements.

Open workshop

We run regular ticketed three-hour open workshops suitable for individuals or small groups of colleagues.

Online toolkit

Our collection of tools and techniques includes video guides and worksheets, and can be used alone or with a team.

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