Time Lord

This time management and productivity workshop helps participants prioritise and schedule work effectively, focus intently and be a master of meetings and inboxes.

Why it’s important

It should be so easy. Do one thing at a time, focus your thinking for clear creative thoughts to emerge. Let the incubation process work unhindered. Increase your attention span. Concentrate. Think deeply to solve complex problems. Add richness to your ideas. Draw from your memories, experience and knowledge. Allow your brain the time to connect things and create new ideas and patterns.

Surely if we know all this, we should just do it, right? So why don’t we practice good time management and productivity?

Meetings, deadlines, multiple teams and multiple stakeholders: modern working life is incredibly busy. We get interrupted, distracted, stuck in our inbox, and weighed down by an endless to-do list.

But what does a good day at work look like? And how can we have more of them? We’re confident this is a productivity workshop with a difference. 


What you will learn

This time management and productivity workshop helps participants understand and develop approaches for better time management by discussing the following steps:

  • How to detox your inbox
  • How to run and take part in effective meetings
  • How to prioritise and manage your tasks
  • How to get into deep focus – and stay there
  • How to manage your calendar
  • How to create time to think clearly

This practical workshop challenges participants to question how they view the concepts of time and work, and how to take steps to prioritise the most valuable, high-impact tasks most relevant to their goals and objectives.

“It was really useful. I’ve already started to implement some of the ideas from the workshop. As well as impacting my own work, I’m planning to make some changes organisationally to improve all of our work.”

– Cath Hume, CEO, The Arts Marketing Association

Available formats

In-house workshop

We’ll work with you and your team to deliver a bespoke workshop that’s tailored to your requirements.

Open workshop

We run regular ticketed three-hour open workshops suitable for individuals or small groups of colleagues.

Online toolkit

Our collection of tools and techniques includes video guides and worksheets, and can be used alone or with a team.

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