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Questioning Silicon Valley’s culture of failure


“Fail fast, fail often.” That’s the oft-repeated Silicon Valley mantra.

Fear of failure is not innate but it is universal. It creeps in as our life experience grows and we learn that some things don’t go how we would like them to: we get things wrong, we make mistakes, we fail. Often learning what to do after failure, for future success, is priceless.

But what about when failing is not acceptable, such as for the tech entrepreneurs who lose – and keep on losing? Some estimates put the startup failure rate at 90%, and many – the walking dead – limp on for years, ignored by the market but sustained by founders’ savings or investors.

As Harvard lecturer Shikhar Ghosh notes in this Guardian article, “VCs bury their dead very quietly.” Multiple failures make it impossible for an entrepreneur to get funding.

Read the full post:
Publisher: The Guardian
Author: Rory Carroll
Silicon Valley’s culture of failure … and ‘the walking dead’ it leaves behind

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Photo Credit: Matthew Oliphant

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