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For more complex, demanding projects we are often asked by clients to get a little more deeply involved. We use a “process consulting” approach to collaborate directly with a client team.

How it works

Recent examples include helping a pharmaceutical company’s sales team devise a sales strategy for a new drug, and helping a major high street retailer consult with a large group of buyers and merchandisers to design a new software application to help them in their jobs.

We might arrange interviews or meetings with individuals or teams, or we might carry out a research project and create a report with outcomes and recommendations. Or we might run a series of meetings or design training or resources. Whatever we do is designed as a light-touch intervention aimed at helping directly – only staying involved for as long as is necessary.

Everything we do is tailored to you: we’ll work closely with you to understand your team dynamics and the nuances of your project, designing and running your project so you get the end result that works best for everyone.

Sample Outlines

You might like one of these "off the shelf" workshops, or we can use one as a starting point to create a bespoke workshop to suit your group.

Team Health Check

Measure your team against our set of ten key components that make up high performance in a team setting.

Where could your team improve?

Getting your team to reach its full potential is not easy. It requires time, effort, and the patience to break down the big picture of performance into small steps.

Our Team Health Check offers a map of where teams can improve in ten areas critical for success. Put together, these elements make up the ingredients of a strong and cohesive team.

Use it to find out how your team rates on each dimension and learn more about how your team can improve, plus recommendations based on the original research behind our model.

Quality Service

Here's what you can expect when you work with us:
Completely Bespoke

Completely Bespoke

We’ll work closely with you to understand the nuances of your project and team, and allow you to guide us through your vision of what you want to achieve. We’ll create a bespoke proposal and scope of work, including outlines and agendas, and work with you to refine and finalise the key details to make your project a success.
Industry Experience

Industry Experience

We’re fast learners and can quickly learn about the ins and outs of your company and competitive landscape. We’re good with technical content, and our facilitators have broad experience working with many clients in a wide range of industries.
Fair, Transparent Fees

Fair, Transparent Fees

We present all our fees and expenses clearly, so you can see exactly what we’re charging for and why. We’ll quote you a fixed fee for the work we carry out, so you’ll have no surprises when our final invoice arrives. We offer a 20% discount for charities. Ask us for a quote today!

Great Collaboration

We'll get your group working together effectively
New Ideas

New Ideas

Fresh thinking might be needed to tackle some of your trickier objectives or most pressing problems.
Vision & Purpose

Vision & Purpose

Achieve a clear sense the team is working on something meaningful, that matters and creates change.
Leaders & Managers

Leaders & Managers

We can help leaders and managers boost team spirit, encourage initiative and build engagement in their teams.

Tools & Techniques

We can draw from a variety of approaches to help you achieve your objectives. Here are just a few examples:


Constraints are often the source of our best ideas. Think of Twitter's 140 character limit, or the 18 minute limit for TED Talks. We invite participants to write a list of all the constraints on a current project, then make them worse or introduce more severe constraints to force more radical, ambitious approaches. What new ideas does this provoke?
Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning

Events will shape the future in many different ways, and it’s impossible to predict everything that will happen tomorrow, let alone 5 or 10 years in the future. One way to deal with this is to use Scenario Planning, first introduced by energy giant Shell in the 1970s.


Looking at a problem from different angles or vantage points can change how it is perceived and interpreted. This might mean taking on a different persona, or changing your thinking style slightly. We can use an "Empathy Mapping" template and a "Personality Swap" worksheet to help with this.

In Person

We can come to you, or suggest a suitable venue. We'll bring all the necessary materials.


We work with a range of technical solutions to enable people to come together remotely.
“We gave Creative Huddle plenty of information about our objectives and goals. They used this information to totally tailor the programme around our team and the individuals in it.”
David Knowles
Managing Director

Case Studies

We’ve worked with a range of clients, from corporate household names to agencies, public sector bodies, universities, charities and startups.