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Soren Kaplan on how to measure innovation


As this Fast Company article reveals, more than 70% of corporate leaders tout innovation as a top three business priority, but only 22% set innovation performance metrics.

Author Soren Kaplan argues that measuring innovation is a combination of art and science, which is precisely why it’s tough to do. Companies either don’t do it enough, or they go too far. Kaplan cites the example of post-it note creator 3M, who applied the rigorous Six Sigma model to its creative process – leading to tension between innovation and efficiency.

Kaplan recommends that the value of the innovation is measurably tied to the output–not to some dreamy notion of “creativity.” Outputs such as:

  • Percentage of revenue or profit coming from international versus domestic markets
  • Revenues from new products or services introduced in the past X year(s)
  • Revenues from products or services sold to new customer segments
  • Percentage of existing customers that trade up to next-generation products or services
  • Percentage of revenue coming from services versus products (or vice-versa)
  • Royalty or licensing revenue from intellectual property

Kaplan finishes by suggesting a useful list of measurement options for leadership, employees and customers.

Read the full post:
Publisher: Fast Company
Author: Soren Kaplan
How to measure innovation (to get real results)

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