The Importance of Smart Creatives

How Google Works, by Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg, looks at Smart Creatives, people who combine technical knowledge, business expertise and creativity.

Google’s Captain of Moonshots

Google’s Captain of Moonshots

Astro Teller, entrepreneur, scientist and ‘Captain of Moonshots’ for Google [x] is thinking big. And he wants you to do the same – he believes “YOU can be the next Google.” We find out how by taking a look at the Google [x] Ethos.

A Look at Facebook’s Innovation Culture

Facebook has gone from zero to a billion users in less than a decade. With that much success in such a short time, it must be doing something pretty creative to keep ahead of the game. What, exactly?

Does Google’s 20% time work?

Google’s 20% time has gained a lot of attention over recent years. Employees can take up to one day a week to work on something unrelated to their work, something they are passionate about. But does it work?

In asking that question, we have split it in two: how does it work and does it actually work? The latter can be interpreted to mean does it work for the employee and does it work for Google?

As an employee incentive, Innovation Time Off (as it is formally known) can be taken by any member of staff. Some people save it up so it can all be used at once, some don’t take it at all. It has certainly caused a stir and marked Google out, yet again, as an innovative company that understands what clever people need to stay inspired at work. Apple and LinkedIn followed suit. Apple called theirs “Blue Sky” and lets employees take two weeks to work on projects outside their normal responsibilities. Software company Atlassian openly calls their programme ‘20% time’.

An open Valve for creativity in business

The Valve handbook for new employees explains the ‘flatland’ approach of having no hierarchy, no boss to impress of be scared to speak up in front of, no pattern of employing talented people and then just telling them what to do.

Can creative thinking thrive in the office?

Working from home has lost its revolutionary status. It used to be seen as progressive, something forward thinking companies did. It was predicted that emails and Skype meetings would become the main method of colleague communication and remote working would be the...

More on Agile Creativity

More on Agile Creativity

Agile Creativity is a relatively new way of thinking about the creative & innovation process, inspired by the digital world and championed by Google, as they look to align “the brilliance of Silicon Valley with the brilliance of Madison Avenue”.