Steve Jobs

Inside Apple University

Not much is known about Apple’s internal training programme, founded in 2008 and devised by Joel Podolny, previously dean of Yale’s Business School…

Apple’s new eco-friendly campus

Apple has released a video with details of its new ‘Campus 2’ office complex. As you would expect from Apple and Norman Foster, and originally overseen by Steve Jobs, it’s a remarkable project.

Elon Musk: Ideas Out of This World

Elon Musk: Ideas Out of This World

Exploring space technology so humans can live on other planets: these are hugely ambitious – and some would say unlikely – plans. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has the CV and attitude of someone who might just succeed.


When I’m struggling to be more creative I often find that I’m also being too focused. I’m reading too many books on one subject, diving too deeply into one set of ideas or just spending too much time working on one problem.