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Three examples of life goals everyone should have

Managing Yourself

Are you adventurous or completely introverted? Here, it doesn’t matter! See this list of examples of life goals everyone will want to fulfil.

We all love goals. Something about having an end game, something to work for, sets the human mind ablaze.

It makes sense. Achieving goals is linked to Dopamine production in the brain, which means the more you achieve, the more you want to achieve.

Setting goals can be a challenge though, especially once you start looking outside the professional realm.

It’s overwhelming to push aside outside expectation and dig into what you really desire to achieve.

So to get you started, here are three examples of life goals, how to set them, and how to achieve them.

Examples of Life Goals: What Makes a Good Goal?

Goals need to have a few qualities for them to avoid being just another errant idea.

1. Write them down. Writing them down give you a sense of finality, and turns an idea from a whim into a real goal

2. Give yourself a timeline. Goal lists like 30 before 30 provide you with a finite deadline and put the pressure on to achieve your goals.

3. Be specific. Rather than “travel more”, give yourself a city or country you’ve always wanted to see. Specificity gives you fewer loopholes.

Travel Goals

Do you dream of traveling the world?

Perhaps you’ve never been more than fifty miles from home, or want to see all 50 of the United States.

Travel expands the mind and makes people more compassionate, more empathetic, and more worldly. It expands the horizons and opens the traveler’s mind to ideas and cultures once foreign.

It has been said that no dollar is better spent than those spent on travel. So go ahead, set some travel goals.

Fitness Goals

Want to run a 5K? A 10K? Maybe an IronMan or Triathlon?

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, and if being in better shape is on your list, give yourself some specific goals, and do it!

Maybe you want to lose (or gain!) a certain number of pounds.

You might want to become a yoga instructor or hike the Appalachian Trail. However you decide to push yourself, remember to be as specific as possible and set yourself a deadline.

Intellectual Goals

If you’ve always wanted that college degree, here is your chance.

Goals that stimulate the mind are examples of life goals that truly touch every part of your day-to-day.

This doesn’t need to be a fancy four-year or Masters degree-type goal, either.

If you haven’t read a book in years, set a goal to read 25 or 50 books this year.

Commit to learning one new skill a month, or to master a new language.

If you have an important skill, make a goal to share it with another person or to host a class.

Remember, these are only examples of life goals. There are so many kinds of goals beyond these. You can create goals in your professional life, your spiritual world, and even for your own mental health.

The beauty of setting goals is that it is completely individual, with no right or wrong answer.

Just ask yourself what you desire, what you dream, and then chase after it.

If you liked this article, take a look at our Goal Getter workshop outline.

Set and achieve ambitious goals and objectives through sound planning, focused effort and a positive mindset.

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