Think creatively, together.

Creative Huddles help teams and organisations generate ideas, solve problems and make decisions.


Simply put, Creative Huddles are better brainstorms. They help team members collaborate effectively to generate bold, exciting ideas for products, services and new ways of working.


Focus your thinking on creating new products and services that play to your strengths and take advantage of market conditions.

Idea Generation

Generate ideas for existing projects, campaigns or initiatives by tapping into your team’s creative superpowers.

Design Thinking

Reveal useful insights into real consumer behaviour to design, prototype and get feedback on groundbreaking ideas.


Highly practical and solution-focused, Creative Huddles can be used for engaging workshop sessions. Our wide range of tools and approaches are a match for any problem or brief.

Problem Solving

Take a specific problem or issue that’s bothering you and your team and use our collection of power tools to help you solve it.


Work better together and realise the collective strengths of your team by building trust & focusing on great communication.

Fresh Perspective

Look at familiar problems with a beginner’s mind to reveal fresh viewpoints and uncover novel and simple solutions.


The Creative Huddle approach makes meetings come alive. Transform your meetings from boring boardroom to dynamic discussion and leave the room aligned, energised and ready to make things happen.

Consensus Building

Bring together diverse opinions and conflicting perspectives to form mutually beneficial and workable plans of action.

Decision Making

Weigh up a range of possible approaches and outcomes to decide the most suitable and beneficial way forward.


Help your team identify and agree on improved ways of working to increase individual and collective performance.

Offsites & teambuilding

Get the most from your offsite or away day with the Creative Huddle approach. Build a sense of shared purpose, ambition and vision for the future, guaranteeing you’ll return to head office with renewed vigour and world-beating plans.


Take time out to get to know each other better, reveal insights and build capability for collaboration and emergent leadership.


Use this opportunity to break down silos and get teams and departments aligned with a shared vision and values.

Strategy Planning

Look ahead to create strategic long-term plans that will put you and your team in a favourable position for years to come.


Get inspired by our series of highly practical and engaging one-hour talks, ideal for a lunch-and-learn, or for kicking off a strategy or teambuilding session.

Creativity at Work

Learn how creativity works in your brain and in corporate envirionments, how to generate big ideas and make them happen.

Creativity for Teams

Learn how to run effective brainstorms, and how to encourage creative behaviours within a team environment.

Critical Thinking

Learn how to make better decsions by understanding your cognitive biases and evaluating complex sources of information.


We’ve run Creative Huddles for a wide range of clients, from corporate household names to boutique creative agencies. Each client’s requirements are unique, so we carefully plan and execute each Creative Huddle to deliver the best result for them.

Creative Huddle worked alongside our creative director to build a highly engaging session that filled our leaders with ideas and inspiration. I’d highly recommend Creative Huddle – they’re easy to work with, know their stuff and are passionate about what they do.

John Athanasiou

Director of People, HarperCollins Publishers